My Euro 2012 predictions

Ok so looking at the title you maybe thinking: “this is a retro gaming website isn’t it? I mean the site is called retrogaming. So why in the holy love of the mushroom kingdom is this blog on about football?!! Well allow me to help all you puzzled gamers; you see the Euro tournament only happens every four years. So being a football fan, I thought I would offer my thoughts, predictions, and opinions to the upcoming event. Don’t worry yourselves though all you retro gamers because after this blog the subjects will be about what we all know and love: retro video games! So without further delay let’s focus on this actual blog and get the ball rolling. See what I did there?! Ball rolling, Euros….anyway lets begin!

So Euro 2012 finally kicks off tomorrow, starting with the joint hosts: Poland versus the 2004 champions (I know I still can’t believe they won it either) Greece. Followed later by Russia versus the Czech Republic. For all readers who wonder what nationality I am and which team I will be supporting, it’s England. Enough said. I always look forward to international tournaments such as the euros, and the world cup which is even better. Even in the last euro tournament when England didn’t even qualify, I still enjoyed it, from the beginning to end. Everyone loves a good opinion and prediction in this kind of blog, so allow me to throw out some predictions of my own: The biggest prediction of them all who will win the tournament? Well everyone including nearly all the bookies think its gunna be Spain again. While I think Spain will do well, Personally I think the Germans will win it. Yes they lost against Switzerland 5-3, but they never had a full strength squad, for starters none of the bayern Munich players were in the team, which is almost all of Germany’s great players! Runners up I think will be the Netherlands. So Germany vs. Netherlands in the final! As for the tournament’s top goal scorer, again I think its gunna go to the Germans with Miroslav Klose taking it. He’s getting on a bit now, and he’s not exactly amazing at club level. But when it comes to international level he always shines through. In fact the only other player I believe who plays better for international than club is David Villa for Spain. Which they don’t have for this tournament because of injury thank god!

And my personal thoughts for England? Well it may sound like a bit of a excuse but we weren’t going to win it before all the injuries, but now most of the squad have taken a trip to casualty. At best I can see us reaching the quarter finals but no more. We just don’t have the squad, mentality, and capabilities for it at present. Plus Mr. Hodgson has decided Liverpool’s Martin Kelly deserves a place over Manchester united rock Rio Ferdinand and Manchester City’s Micah Richards!! Now I’m a Manchester united fan so most of you will know united fans hate city, and city fans hate united. Despite this though I really, really cannot believe England have not even considered Richards. When ever he plays for city he always looks both an attacking threat and a rock solid defender: Yet we’re taking Martin Kelly: a player who could just about kick the ball, but that was it. Considering the rubbish season Liverpool had, and Kelly’s own performance in the squad in general: he really doesn’t deserve a place in front of Richards and Ferdinand.

I hope you all enjoy the tournament anyway! If you want to express your own opinions and predictions for the euros, then leave a comment below or send me an email and tell me what you think. Or just how wrong or right you think my predictions are! All the best for the tournament everyone, and I hope your team does well!








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