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Welcome to retro gaming! A website dedicated to retro games. Retrogaming provides in depth retro game reviews, links to awesome gaming tunes, personal blogs, and all new gaming shows! 

What's new?

New game review: Legend of Zelda ocarina of time. I know it's been a while since a retrogaming review on the site folks, but here's a very popular game amongst nearly every gamer. What does retrogaming make of it? Grab your ocarina and warp on down to the page and find out! Or just click here!

New blog post: My predictions for the Euro 2012 tournament. Ok so it's not about all, but, it's still a very exciting event for a football fan! To have a read click here.

My very first blog post: My own personal gaming merchandise. In this blog I will be showing off my ocarina of time, from the timeless classic legend of zelda title. To have a look for yourself click here.

The latest game reviews

Legend of Zelda ocarina of time

A game many say revolutionised gaming. What does Retrogaming have to make of game which has already had so much said about it?

Super star wars return of the jedi

There have been many star wars games across many consoles some good some bad. Is this game strong with the force? Grab your lightsabers and hop into your x wing and lets find out!