My personal video game merchandise volume 1: The ocarina

of time

Well here it is my first ever blog post! I really wasn’t sure what to do my first blog about. I thought it had to be a bit interesting and intriguing to say the least! So I thought, what about a series of blogs showcasing some of my retro merchandise! So expect in these series of blogs to see some video games, board games, toys, figurines and statues, and other related gaming merchandise, that I happen to own.  Once I decided to base a series of blogs on my merchandise I then had another problem, what item do I show off first? So I sat and had a good old look at my various items I owned. Then, there it was staring me right in the face: The ocarina of time!! Ohh yea! Probably the best piece of merchandise I own, if not the best, defiantly top five.     As you can see it looks pretty cool to say the least. The ocarina is ceramic not plastic; and the detail on it is spot on. Just like the game it’s from. I can’t exactly remember where I actually bought the ocarina from, but I do remember it costing quite a bit! The ocarina also came with a song book, showing you how to play the ocarina and teaching you how to play some Zelda tunes in the process! For those of you not aware of what the ocarina of time is and where it came from; the ocarina is from the classic legend of Zelda title: legend of Zelda the ocarina of time. The ocarina was a key treasure in Link’s inventory; in fact the whole story was based around it. Link would use the ocarina for many things, but mostly would be used for warping over different areas around Hyrule. The ocarina was actually featured again in the direct sequel to ocarina of time which was fan favourite: legend of Zelda Majora’s mask. Even the SNES Zelda title: a link to the past had a flute which heavily resembled the ocarina’s shape and colour. I’ve tried using the ocarina to warp to the temple of time every so often, but so far no luck. Even when I attempt to play Epona’s song I look anxiously in the distance to see if I can spot a valiant horse striding towards me, but sadly no. I thought I saw a cat coming towards me at some point, but was probably just thinking; what the hell you doing, you sound awful mate. Anyway I’m starting to waffle! I hope you enjoy the pictures of my ocarina, and please feel free to leave any comments and questions about it below! Until my next blog post retro gamers! Oh actually one more thing, look out for my review of legend of Zelda ocarina of time, which should be posted to the site soon!

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