The first ever Nintendo console really is a success story from start to finish, and was first released in july 15th 1983 in japan. Altogether the console sold 61.91 million units. It also saw the release of many all time classic games to name a few: super mario bros, legend of zelda, metroid and mega man. The best thing about the nintendo entertainment system or the NES was they had games bothfirst party and third party, most games that were released for the NES were very successful titles and many are still played and loved today. It was also the first console to star what are now regarded as video game icons or legends, the NES domanated the games market for so long, it wasn't until the sega megadrive came along that the NES had some competition. The NES was so popular that Japan were still making them up to 2003!

Nintendo entertainment system best selling games

  • Super mario bros
  • Super mario bros 3
  • Super mario bros 2
  • The legend of zelda
  • Zelda 2: Adventure of link
  • Teenage mutant ninja turtles

Nintendo entertainment system game reviews