The Nintendo 64 was first released on june 23 1996 and got its name because of its 64 bit CPU, the nintendo 64 or N64 still used cartridges where as the other consoles in the N64 era decided to drop cartridges and went for CDs (which proved a bit of a downfall for nintendo) The N64 was also the first major console to use an analog stick which meant you had more precise control over 3D games rather than using a directional pad. Even though the N64 never managed to achive the heights that the playstation did, it could boast hoasting some of the best games ever released for example super mario 64 which set the bench mark for 3D platformers, and legend of zelda ocarina of time which was nearly perfect in everyway both in game and technically. So if your looking for some games that set the benchmarks for future games then you could do much worse then checking out the games that were released for the nintendo 64.

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