Sega Game Gear

The sega game gear was only the third handheld to be created when it was finally launched in 1991 (1990 for Japan) and although it had exceptional colour and sound quality, sega never really made any games to truly show it, and despite making it bigger to make it easier to play they accidentally made it to big and heavy to uses compared to their main rivals Nintendo with the game boy which was smaller and much lighter the game gear had other problems, it had to use six batteries compared to the game boys four. But that was nothing compared to its main problem which was the price brand new which was about £60 more expensive than the game boy which lead to it’s short life of just six years. The game gear wasn’t all bad though sega did create some unique ad-on devices like the TV adaptor which as it sounds made it available to watch TV on your game gear and they created the car adaptor which Nintendo game boy didn’t have until the game boy colour.

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