Super mario world

  • Publisher: Nintendo
  • Developer: Nintendo
  • Genre: 2D platformer
  • Release date: November 21 1990
  • Console: Super Nintendo (Also avaliable for virtual console)


Super Mario world was one of the first games along side F- zero, to be released for the super Nintendo. Many fans eagerly waited for Mario’s 16 bit appearance on the super Nintendo. With Sega already releasing there own 16 bit hero Sonic the hedgehog, pressure was on Nintendo to rise to the challenge and show that Mario was still the king when it came to platformers. Eventually the super Nintendo was realised and any doubts there had been before were instantly gone! Super Mario world went above and beyond the call of duty, from the colourful graphics, to the intricate level design, to the ability to ride Mario’s new dino pal Yoshi! Everything that fans wanted in a Mario game was present and correct, accept this time it was even better!


The story in super Mario world is Mario, luigi and princess peach are taking a vacation to place called dinosaur land. After saving the mushroom kingdom from the troublesome koopa king Bowser, all the Mario bros and princess peach want to do is take a well deserved vacation. However unknown to the Mario bros, whilst they decided to take a nap on the beach princess peach is once again kidnapped! By well you know who. Once the Mario bros wake up, the princess is no where to be found they eventually come to the conclusion that Bowser and his koopa kids are at it once again. With that in mind Mario and luigi decide to set off straight away to look for the princess. Eventually Mario and luigi come across a strange looking dinosaur egg, suddenly the egg brakes free and out pops a green dinosaur. The green dinosaur introduces himself as Yoshi, and explains to the Mario brothers that Bowser is the one trapped him in the egg, and he has trapped many of his friends in eggs as well and is keeping them prisoner in castles. With the help of their new dinosaur pal, Mario and luigi set off to look for Bowser and his koopa kids, and to save Yoshi’s friends and to save princess peach!


Super Mario world in terms of objectives and controls are really given or take the same. Mario must clear the levels that are set before him throughout dinosaur land. Just like super Mario bros 3 on the NES, Mario can move from one level to another on the map sub screen. In order for Mario to progress, he must enter that level and complete it by reaching the goal at the end of the level. Mario must avoid Bowser’s minions, pits and traps in order to get to the end of the level, just like in Mario bros 1 and 3. Once again Marios only real method of attack is his jump, which he uses to stomp on enemies. Mario also has a new spin jump attack which can obliterate koopa troopas in one jump however; the spin jump can’t reach the highs the original jump can.

So you might be thinking to yourself, well at the moment super Mario world sounds exactly like Mario bros 3, and yes there are many elements similar to Mario bros 3, but this time it’s even better! Super Mario world takes all the great things from Mario bros 3 and just makes it plain better. From the first level you will notice the colour, the music and the way Mario is controlled (which once again is pixel perfect.) This time Mario and luigi are joined by Yoshi, Yoshi can be found in various areas across the levels in dinosaur land. Yoshi can use his long tongue to swallow most enemies, when Yoshi swallows a koopa troopa shell it gives him special abilities which depends on what colour shell he swallows. Red: Yoshi spits out three big fireballs, yellow: Yoshi can stamp hard on the ground creating sand clouds to defeat enemies, blue: Yoshi grows wings which enable him to fly, and the rare invincible koopa shells give Yoshi all abilities. Mario can also obtain a cape feather, when mario grabs it he dons a cape which once he gets a run up he can take to the skies and fly! Once he has this cape he really is super mario!

What makes super Mario world a class apart is the quality and the quantity in the game, super Mario world is full of secrets which are all quite challenging to find, even the secret levels have secrets in, there are just so many levels in the game. The levels themselves are so full of colour and character, no level feels the same and there are so many varieties to the levels as well. The music is once again catchier than Velcro and is a joy to listen to, the normal overworld levels have happy catchy music, where as the underground and castle levels have suspense and spooky themes. Again like past Mario bro games, it has a two player mode where the second player plays as luigi. This makes the game easier when working along side a mate!

How it plays now

Super Mario world is one of, if not the best 2D platformer game in existence for any console.  Mario world still plays extremely well today, there are more secrets in the game than most modern games, the graphics have stood the test of time, Mario’s control is very balanced and smooth, even the music in this game are a joy to whistle along to. At the end of the day it is a super Mario game, in every Mario game there is quality and quantity, and with super Mario world it is no different. It is no one of the plumbers greatest adventures, with the inclusion of Yoshi, many gamers young, old, casual, hardcore will still say it is one of the best games in existence! And I will not argue with them there. Quite simply you need to play this game!

Overall score

Super Mario world is a classic from start to finish, and a game that can be enjoyed by everyone. To find all the secrets in the game takes ages, and from start to finish the game is plastered with mario magic. No matter if its 20 years down the line or 50, people will still be saying one of the finest creations in gaming was super Mario world.



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