Super Nintendo

The Super Nintendo was a follow up to the excellent nintendo and was first released in 1990 and eventually was available everywhere by 1993. The super nintendo had two unique selling points, the first one was it had the FX chip built into it thus gave the snes (super nintendo) amazing quality sound and music, and you could tell the difference if you took two of the same game and one was realised on the sega megadrive and the other on the snes, the quality of sound that was produced from it really made the sega megadrive feel old. The other unique selling point was the snes had something else built into it called mode 7. Mode 7 allowed games 3D like images and sprites, and also made games like super mario kart to run smoothly, and if it wasn't for mode 7 many features and games wouldn't exist for example starwing no mode 7 no starwing!! Eventually the super nintendo won over the megadrive with the absolote quality games that was released for the snes, it really was an amazing console that gave us some of the best ever games produced!!

Super Nintendo best selling games

  • Super Mario world
  • Donkey kong country
  • Super Mario kart
  • Street Fighter 2
  • The Legend of Zelda: a link to the past
  • Donkey Kong country 2: Diddy Kong's quest

Super Nintendo game reviews